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Victim Impact Panel USA

About Victim Impact Panel USA

Victim Impact Panel USA has developed an online Victim Impact Panel course that is superior to most other Victim Impact Panels. The course brings together some of the most hard hitting true stories of the results of drunk driving accidents. Approved in most Courts, the course allows the participant to securely create a user account on the website, pay a fee, and then view a series of videos documenting the serious and devastating results of a number of drunk driving accidents. After watching all of the videos, the participant must take a short quiz in order to print a certificate to provide the Court showing their successful completion of the Victim Impact Panel.

Because most Victim Impact Panels are held only a few times a week and at dedicated times, we understand it is hard for some people to work the panels into their busy schedules. With the new online format, we bring the classroom to your living room. For only $49.99, you can watch the videos, take the quiz, and print your certificate all from the comfort of your sofa or recliner!

With only 9 short videos totaling less than 45 minutes to watch, and only a 20 question quiz, you can have your VIP certificate in less than ONE HOUR! Oh, and don´t worry if you happen to fail the quiz the first time! You are granted unlimited tries and there is no time limit. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! If you have any questions, please visit the contact page!

About The Program Creators

Victim Impact Panel USA was developed by three licensed professionals specializing in Addictions, Co-Dependency, Co-Occurring Disorders, and other substance related issues with over 50 years of combined experience. We stand by our prevention materials, and our sincere hope is that the materials of the program will have such a profound effect on our participants that they will no longer drink and drive. We designed Victim Impact Panel USA to assist you in identifying and preventing further drinking and driving violations, and are committed to your safety and the safety of the general public.


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