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About Court Ordered Victim Impact Panels

The original victim impact panel was a forum developed by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, or MADD, where actual victims of drunk driving accidents were given the chance to share their stories with persons convicted of DUI offenses. Sometimes they are known as a MADD Impact Panel or a MADD Victim Impact Panel. Due to the clear effectiveness of the victim impact panels, the Court ordered use of Victim Impact Panels has become widespread as a sentencing option. In addition, as the detection and prosecution of DUI offenses has increased, the number of DUI offenders has increased and it has become increasingly difficult to schedule actual victims to present at the victim impact panels. The overall tone and setting of a victim impact panel is a place where victims can use a fact based approach to lay out the tremendous consequences of drunk driving. The goal is not to judge the DUI offenders but to provide a way for the DUI offender to personalize and internalize the severe impact of drunk driving.